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Alnwick Fair, Music Festival, Xmas Carnival, etc.

Alnwick Castle ! One of the four great English Castles.

Napoleonic volunteers re-enacted

A rather wet Alnwick Fair opening procession

The Alnwick Fair ducking stool (local volunteers !)

The Alnwick International Music Festival. Essential viewing !

More dancing and music from the Music Festival -- if you get the chance, see the Sicilians !

Alnwick at Christmas: pretty lights ...
This year was perhaps a hotch-potch too far: the seedy aspect of a fluorescent Santa doing "press-ups" at "No Limits" gym was particularly loathsome.

The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging ...sorry, Xmas Parade ( I know some of these people !).

The water cascade in the Alnwick Gardens. The Gardens are still really being created ; perhaps next year it'll be worth the admission fee. Until then, it's over the wall we go !

Alnwick Council's very own folly : the Flower Clock. Still, the Duchess is a cutie, and (now ex-Mayor) David Archer is a decent enough bloke.
I wonder how many people in Alnwick know about how the Duchess's mother, an Edinburgh Councillor, recently changed her politics, from Conservative to ... Labour.

Stuart Manley of the Aln Valley Railway Society, at Alnmouth Station, showing (on the left) where he hopes to re-introduce the rail spur back to Alnwick.

Alnwick Council's "super" idea to have a Sports facility ... at the edge of Alnwick, with no bus service, and indeed poor pedestrian access. However, Alnwick can be very proud of its record in producing excellent young swimmers: The Alnwick Dolphins club (unfortunately without any website) has some of the best swimmers in the entire North of England. This new facility will hopefully enhance their reputations still further.